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Smart D8 is a health and well-being initiative located in Ireland’s capital city – Dublin. The initiative focuses on Dublin 8’s diverse population of 45,000, bringing together a range of key stakeholders from industry, academia, healthcare providers, public organisations, and citizens. Amid increasing challenges in healthcare delivery, Smart D8 takes a prospective approach to population health by engaging populations at scale to limit the number of people who would have ended up getting sick in the first place.

Smart D8 provides a unique opportunity to connect citizens and service-providers with innovation partners and funding opportunities to improve health and well-being in an urban population.

Smart D8 was shortlisted for HealthTech in Public Sector Digital Transformation Awards 2023, Innovation Finalist at Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) 2023, placed winner for Innovation in Public Administration in European Public Sector Awards (EPSA) 2023-24, and Runner-Up in the Digital Community category at the .ie Digital Town Awards 2024.

Join the Smart D8 network

Join the Smart D8 network

Expanded partnerships and collaborations
Smart D8 provides a template for research, development and innovation providers to reach real users at scale.
Design-led transformation and innovation
Opportunities exist in the Smart D8 ecosystem to integrate health and well-being design schemes transforming them into reality.
Address outstanding community needs
Smart D8 aims to address community needs related to health and well-being through its projects.
Community-engaged research and practice
Opportunities exist at Smart D8 to develop research, enterprise and learning domains that facilitate links with enterprise and community-engaged education and skills development.
Sharing learning with similar consortia models
Smart D8’s model forms a scheme upon which national frameworks can be tested at a local level. This knowledgeable scaling includes existing projects, as well as informing other consortia and cities.

Dublin 8: a village in the city

45,000 Strong Population
12 Partners
350,000 In Funding Over 3 Years
5,000 Users Engaged
And growing...


At Smart D8, we foster collaboration rather than competition within the health and well-being space. We seek innovative, long-term, and sustainable approaches that create a lasting positive change in the health and well-being sector. If you have novel solutions for sustaining better health and well-being, or supporting people living with illness in the community, we would love to hear from you. We can help you reach real people and make great impact.
Contact us at info@smartd8.ie

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Smart D8 welcomes project partnerships with institutions, enterprise, universities, and experts in the community.