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Brace and Guinness Enterprise Centre (GEC)


Brace is one of the four pilot-project proposals selected for the third call for pilots launched in March 2023, which focused on three themes: positive and healthy ageing; connecting patients in the community; and population-health management. 

Brace is a community-based recovery app which seeks to assist patients who are undergoing physical rehabilitation.

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With an added focus on the mental wellness aspect of rehabilitation, Brace uses exercise tracking, gamification and community support to improve both recovery engagement and mental health outcomes. 

Brace is built for the end user first – as opposed to the practitioner, and focused on their recovery needs, alongside the drivers of their engagement and enjoyment.  

Through this approach, the Brace platform allows people to engage with rehabilitation plans and exercises while being supported by a community of peers going through similar. 


Brace aims to solve rehabilitation engagement by empowering the end-user with both physical health and mental wellbeing, through its community-based recovery app.  

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