About Smart D8

What is Smart D8?

Smart D8 is an urban testbed with the purpose of investigating how smart technology can be used to improve citizens’ health and well-being in Dublin 8. Since October 2020, Smart D8 has brought together innovators with the community. A diverse range of entrepreneurs, academics, local government, national healthcare providers and public bodies are working collaboratively to solve population health and well-being challenges at scale.

Community at the Centre

Working with the range of health institutions in the district, Smart D8 focuses on delivering projects in the areas of community health and well-being innovation. Smart D8 applies a people-centric approach, with the engagement and active participation of the local community at its core. Using insights from direct engagement with the Dublin 8 community, Smart D8 is focused on pilots, which target different needs such as healthy ageing, women’s health, mental health, and post-pandemic population health.

Our Ecosystem

Since October 2020, the Smart D8 Consortium, composed of 12 partners, has demonstrated a unique partnership model for smart healthcare innovation to reduce pressure on healthcare deliveries. Smart D8 uses a whole-society approach and focuses on both the prevention of illness through smart innovation as well as its supporting treatment.

Meet the Smart D8 Team

Jack Lehane
Jack is the Ecosystem Manager responsible for coordinating and overseeing the successful delivery of the Smart D8 Programme. Currently, he is working on applying novel methods for mobilising stakeholder and community engagement within pilot projects, embedding research and technology ethics in health innovation, and developing and evaluating interventions and roadmaps to progress the development of the ecosystem and the Smart D8 initiative.
Jack Lehane
Smart D8 Ecosystem Manager
Giulia Camera
Giulia is the Enterprise and Learning Coordinator in charge of planning and coordinating activities with various stakeholders to promote Dublin 8 residents’ health and well-being. She is passionate about amplifying community pathways within the Smart D8 programme to make sure that impact is targeted towards the local community’s needs. She also aims to investigate how digital applications and smart technology could be used to improve general population health and well-being at scale.
Giulia Camera
Smart D8 Enterprise and Learning Coordinator