Virtual Reality Workshop

VR Workshop With The Digital Hub’s D8 Surfers Club

On Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024, Smart D8 supported The Digital Hub in the delivery of a Virtual Reality Workshop with the D8 Surfers Club in the Learning Studio at the Digital Depot from 10 am until 12 pm.

This workshop was lead by the tutor Barry Haughey, who is a digital artist, XR coah, STEAM educator and the founder of HoloGen.

The D8 Surfers Club

The D8 Surfers Club holds a special place at The Digital Hub, having nurtured digital literacy and connectivity among local residents since its inception in 2015. What began as a tutor-led class, where local residents with limited exposure to communication tools and the internet, has evolved into a vibrant community hub where members gather weekly to share knowledge, experiences and camaraderie, while discovering how digital technologies can benefit them in their everyday lives.

Unlocking the Potential of Virtual Reality: A Gateway to Ageing Well

In today’s fast-paced world, technology continues to revolutionize every aspect of our lives. One innovation that is gaining increasing attention is Virtual Reality (VR). Beyond its entertainment value, VR holds immense potential to enhance the quality of life.

Even though VR is often associated with the younger generation, its benefits for older adults are equally profound. In fact, one of the key advantages lies in its ability to combat social isolation. As individuals age, factors such as mobility limitations or the loss of loved ones can lead to feelings of loneliness and detachment. However, VR offers a lifeline by providing opportunities for social interaction and connection. Through virtual meetups and collaborative activities, older adults can forge new friendships and reignite their sense of belonging.

VR serves as a powerful tool for cognitive stimulation because, by immersing themselves in interactive VR experiences, older adults can sharpen their cognitive skills, enhance their memory, and maintain mental acuity. Furthermore, VR holds promise in promoting physical wellbeing among older individuals thanks to virtual fitness programs and interactive games. Participants can then engage in low-impact exercises that improve balance, flexibility, and coordination.

VR Workshop with the D8 Surfers Club

The workshop aimed to onboard everyone in getting set up and started with VR experiences given the fact that for many members of the club this was their fist time using a VR headset. The tutor taught participants the basics and made sure that the equipment was comfortable for each user.

The topics covered during the workshop were:

  • What is VR technology and what are its key features and capabilities?;
  • How do you use the equipment comfortably and safely?;
  • The importance of taking a break;
  • Visiting different parts of the world with Google Earth in VR;
  • Stepping inside a museum;
  • Playing an immersive game.

Through engaging demonstrations and hands-on activities, attendees had the opportunity to explore a variety of immersive experiences firsthand, gaining valuable insights into this cutting-edge technology.

By embracing VR technology, the D8 Surfers Club broke free from the constraints of age and experienced a newfound sense of vitality and exploration.