Smart D8 Workshop at Inchicore College

Smart D8 Workshop at Inchicore College of Further Education’s Health and Wellbeing Week



On Thursday, January 18, 2024, Smart D8 conducted an engaging and dynamic workshop from 11 am to 12 pm with students at Inchicore College of Further Education as part of its Health and Wellbeing Week. This annual event, dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing, featured a diverse schedule of activities throughout the college. Topics covered during the week included Blue Monday, stress management, self-care, safe sex, fitness, kindness, active consent, laughter yoga, meditation, and more.

Smart D8 Workshop 

The Smart D8 workshop aimed to facilitate interactive discussions about the health and wellbeing challenges faced by students in the D8 community. The session sought to understand their needs and explore potential solutions through the Smart D8 initiative. The format encouraged active participation and collaboration, starting with a brief presentation on Smart D8 followed by an open discussion using the Jamboard.

Fifteen students from Psychology and Social Studies Courses attended the workshop and were divided into four groups. Each group addressed four key questions:

  1. What are your health and wellbeing challenges as students in the D8 community?
  2. What are your health and wellbeing needs as students in the D8 community?
  3. How do you think Smart D8 could help address these challenges and needs?
  4. What questions would you ask in a survey to measure the impact of the Smart D8 health and wellbeing initiatives on people’s health and wellbeing?

Key Discussions

Health and Wellbeing Challenges

Students pinpointed a range of challenges during the workshop, including the absence of community centers or mental health services, concerns about antisocial behavior in the area, inadequate ventilation in classrooms, restricted facilities for food preparation, the lack of healthy food options or affordable meals, and difficulties accessing medical centers with lengthy waiting lists. Additionally, they highlighted insufficient language support for non-native English speakers and noted the community’s resistance to change, expressing a desire to preserve the historical significance and origins of the area.

Health and Wellbeing Needs

The identified needs included more affordable accommodations, additional time in communal areas, increased breaks between classes, clearer instructions and deadlines from teachers, a cleaner canteen environment, more classrooms, enhanced group activities, access to a gym, greater attention to physical exercise and nutrition, and expanded options for healthy lunch choices.

Smart D8’s Role¬†

Students expressed the belief that Smart D8 could advocate for their needs, assist in overcoming challenges, and contribute by gathering data to inform decision-making.


The students engaged in lively discussions, providing valuable insights and feedback. The workshop concluded with a fruitful discussion of ideas written on the Jamboard, showcasing the students’ enthusiasm and proactive approach. Smart D8 looks forward to continued collaboration with Inchicore College in the future.