Smart D8 ‘Bee 8’ Pilot Connects Bees and Data

Smart D8 is pushing boundaries through innovative approaches to bees and data.

Bee8 is a community-driven social enterprise supported by The Digital HubNational College of Art and DesignSt. Patrick’s Mental Health Services and Tyndall National Institute. The project is developing a link between society, nature and wellbeing using bees and data. By integrating sensors into beehive sites, the health of the bees, local air quality and CO2 levels offer local residents and the hive managers insights into Dublin 8’s biodiversity.



By January 2023, Bee 8 :

  • Integrated 22 sensors into over 60 beehive sites
  • Provided insights into a sustainable model for community-led bee keeping and honey production at scale
  • Generated a diversity of online material to promote health, wellbeing and environmental sustainability

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Francesco Pilla speaking with children in the Educate Together Primary School in Harold’s Cross, an example of one school that has set up a weather station.

Please see this associated link which provides additional context regarding the call to action for the local communities in Dublin.