Smart D8 Announces First Pilot Call Selections Focused on Population Health & Mental Health

Smart D8 announces first pilot call selections focused on Population Health & Mental Health

Smart D8 is a collaborative initiative to improve the health and wellbeing of citizens in Dublin 8 through innovation.

Bringing together public authorities, academia, healthcare, citizens and industry, Smart D8 applies a people-centred approach, with the engagement and active participation of the local community at its core. In late 2020, the first Smart D8 Community Survey was launched, capturing the needs and priorities of the local community

In response to this survey, our first call for pilots was launched in March 2021 and we are delighted to announce the selected pilots that will be implemented in Autumn 2021.

Category: Population Health 

Heart of our City 

In partnership with the Irish Heart Foundation and Novartis, Heart of our City is a population health program that will focus on heart health in Dublin 8.  This pilot project will connect people in Dublin 8 with a range of resources to support their cardiovascular health, building on existing social prescribing initiatives in the locality.

Social Currency Community Platform  

Civic Dollars is a social currency platform that is used by citizens to improve health through physical activity and also supports connection with their local community.

This pilot will allow people to earn rewards for time spent in local parks and open spaces.

Category: Mental Health

Ways to Wellbeing: Learning from Locals

In partnership with St.Patrick’s Mental Health Services, Ways to Wellbeing is a project that will support students in learning about mental health and wellbeing through engaging with the lives of the older community in Dublin 8.   The project is designed for students of both primary and secondary schools in the locality.

Virtual Reality Meditation Platform 

In partnership with SolasVR,  this project will pilot a Virtual Reality Meditation platform in the community.  SolasVR enables a micro-break to allow the users to create some time and space away from events or situations that are impacting them.

Mental Health Literacy 

The aim of this pilot project is to address the health literacy and digital health literacy challenges faced by adults with mental health needs. The aim of this proposal is to co-design solutions with people engaging in mental health services that will empower them in their treatment and decision-making.


Pilot Call 2

Thank you to all the organisations and people who applied for our first pilot call.  The next pilot call will be in November 2021 and the focus categories will be Population Health and Positive & Healthy Ageing. If you have any questions, please email