Your Portal

Key Facts

Important Partners

Learnovate at Trinity College Dublin and St Patricks Mental Health Services


  • A report of key recommendations that St Patrick’s Mental Health Services could implement to improve their online portal efficiency was written, with an internal review by the digital health team, clinical governance committee, senior management team, and service user remote care advisory
  • A number of new Your Portal projects have been implemented in line with these recommendations
  • 2,154 users registered as of January 2023


Your Portal was one of the five winning proposals selected for the first call for pilots launched in March 2021, which addressed three key community needs that had been previously identified with the community survey: mental health; population health management; and Covid-19 impact. 

Your Portal is a health-education initiative, aimed to enable patients to increase access to their health data. 


The use of digital patient portals is strong with service users; however, clinician engagement is slow, but gaining momentum.  

Therefore, a structured review helped identify how patient portals can influence health outcomes.  

The Portal is used across all care pathways – enabling inpatients, outpatients and daypatients to share appointments, care plans, treatment and recovery resources. 


Your Portal generates insights into how digital patient portals could maintain patient engagement and improve adoption in line with evidence-based research and best practice.  

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