Solas VR

Key Facts

Important Partners

Solas Project, Fatima Group, Southwest Inner City Network, and Robert Emmet Community Development Project


  • Demonstrated to and trialled by both staff and end users of all partner projects
  • The project had use cases focused on social prescribing, in-house counselling groups, homework clubs, technology for senior groups, art therapy, and home-based clients


Solas VR was one of the five winning proposals selected for the first call for pilots launched in March 2021, which addressed three key community needs that had been previously identified with the community survey: mental health; population health management; and Covid-19 impact. 

Solas VR is a VR mental-health application aimed to promote better mental well-being. 


Solas VR introduced guided meditations to a range of local service providers and service users that promoted increased calmness, stress relief and better mental well-being overall.  

Service providers were chosen across those supporting the D8 community. 


It aimed to gauge and understand the reaction to the technology, the benefit of the experience itself, and the appetite to work with Solas VR App on an ongoing basis to help unlock further health and well-being potentials.  

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