Physical Health & Wellbeing Events Supported By Smart D8

Smart D8 Continues To Empower Community Health & Wellbeing in Dublin 8

As we step into the second month of the year, Smart D8 is thrilled to maintain its commitment to supporting organizations in Dublin 8 that strive to enhance the health and wellbeing of the community. Following the successful launch of the new year with initiatives centred around healthy food and eating classes, which will continue until March, our focus in February shifts towards promoting physical health and wellbeing.

February Focus: Promoting Physical Health & Wellbeing

In the pursuit of a holistic approach to community health and wellbeing, Smart D8 recognizes the pivotal role that physical health and wellbeing play in fostering a thriving and resilient society.

Physical health and wellbeing are essential for maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind, and for reducing the prevalence of lifestyle-related health issues.

Therefore, we are excited to announce our support for the following organizations:

1) St Andrew’s Community Centre – ‘Love Your Heart’ Initiative

Smart D8 is honoured to support such an inspiring initiative such ‘Love Your Heart’. Since its inception in 2017, it has been a way to encourage people to think of their health by bringing people together in a community setting to promote healthy living choices and looking after oneself.

This will be achieved by offering on the day a range of complementary holistic therapies, several informational stands covering a variety of health-related topics, demonstrations on how to make healthy juice, and free blood pressure checks to prevent heart-related issues.

This Initiative is also supported by Dublin City Council, Dublin South City Partnership, Rialto Development Association, Rialto Primary Care Centre, and the Dublin 8 Community Health Project based in F2 Centre.

Date: 14/02/2024

Time: 10 am – 2 pm

Location: St Andrew’s Community Centre

2) Fatima Groups United – ‘Change For Life’ Programme

Smart D8 is happy to keep supporting Fatima Groups United as they continue their ‘Change For Life’ Programme, empowering individuals to embrace a healthier outlook on life through various activities. We are excited to be part of this journey by supporting the delivery of dance classes.

Dance is not just a form of exercise, it is a joyful and expressive way to stay active and boost overall wellbeing while promoting group cohesion.

This Programme is also supported by Dublin City Sport And Wellbeing Partnership, The Family Resource Centre, CDETB, Dolphin House, Sport Ireland and HSE.









Time: 10 am

Location: F2 Centre Fatima

The Power Of Community Engagement

Smart D8 firmly believes in the transformative power of community engagement to drive positive change. By actively supporting programs that promote health and wellbeing, Smart D8 aspires to create a ripple effect that extends beyond individuals, benefiting the entire community.

Our commitment to supporting organizations dedicated to helping each other and promoting health and wellbeing remains steadfast. One initiative a time, we hope to foster positive outcomes for community health and wellbeing.

If you would like our assistance in organizing and delivering a health and wellbeing event, please do not hesitate to contact us at