Knitting Classes

Crafting Connections Through Knitting Classes 

The two main objectives of the knitting classes, delivered by SICCDA/RECDP and supported by Smart D8, were to equip participants with essential knitting skills and to stimulate mental and physical wellbeing, particularly for older adults. These classes, held on April 8th and 15th, 2024, aimed to promote positive aging and overall health through the therapeutic art of knitting.

Stitching Lives Together

Led by a confident and experienced knitting tutor, the classes provided a nurturing environment for participants to explore their creativity and enhance their knitting abilities.

Thirteen enthusiastic individuals participated in the workshops, receiving hands-on instruction and guidance to develop their knitting skills. At SICCDA/RECDP, many older participants already had a passion for knitting, forming their own knitting group to collaborate on projects. During the workshops, each participant received two balls of wool to use, with a special focus on creating blankets for donation to a worthy cause. In fact, over the two-week period, participants knitted 15 blankets that were donated to hospice care, showcasing both their newfound skills and their compassionate spirit.

Beyond the practical skill acquisition, the knitting classes reinforced a sense of community and mutual support among participants. Through shared learning experiences, individuals supported and encouraged one another, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere where everyone felt valued and empowered.


A total of 13 people participated in the knitting classes over the course of two weeks, which provided participants with valuable skills while promoting a deeper sense of connection and support within the community. By knitting together, individuals found joy in creativity, comfort in companionship, and fulfillment in giving back to others. This project exemplifies the power of creativity and community in promoting positive aging and wellbeing.