Cooking On A Budget Classes

Empowering Individuals With Cooking Skills

In an effort to foster healthier lifestyles and stronger community bonds in Dublin 8, Robert Emmet CDP/SICCDA, with support from Smart D8, delivered the “Cooking On A Budget” programme from January until March in South Earl Street in Dublin 8. The primary aim was to equip residents, particularly older individuals and those with limited incomes, with essential cooking skills and nutritional knowledge to promote overall wellbeing.

The classes welcomed families of all ages from both SICCDA/RECDP groups and the wider community. Through a series of eight-week classes, participants engaged in hands-on activities aimed at enhancing meal planning, cooking techniques, and nutrition understanding.

Interactive and Collaborative Sessions

Each class, held for two hours weekly, delved into various aspects of budget-friendly cooking. Before diving into cooking demonstrations, participants engaged in discussions on optimizing food budgets and minimizing waste. Practical examples of affordable recipes were showcased, empowering participants to replicate them at home.

The project fostered a collaborative learning environment where participants actively contributed meal ideas and worked together on budget planning. Interactive discussions encouraged peer learning, while hands-on cooking activities provided practical experience in meal preparation.

Delicious and Cost-Effective Meals

Under the guidance of an instructor, participants prepared two nutritious family meals within each session, all under forty-five minutes and with a maximum weekly cost of €20. Leftover ingredients were creatively repurposed for the following week’s recipes.


Due to space constraints, each week’s class accommodated a maximum of eight participants and, upon completion of the classes, they all reported increased confidence in meal planning and preparation within their budget constraints. Furthermore, they reported reduced stress and improved overall well-being, highlighting the positive impact of the project on community members’ lives.

By providing practical skills, knowledge, and support, this programme promoted healthier food choices, improved dietary habits, and fostered community togetherness.