ADAPT & Smart D8 Citizens’ Think-In to Discuss “What Is My Health Information?”

ADAPT, the SFI research centre for AI-Driven Content Technology and Smart D8 invite you to an online public conversation, a Citizens’ Think-In to discuss

“What is My Health Information?” with guest speaker, Orla Gogarty from St Patrick’s Mental Health Services.

We now have numerous personal devices which can record our fitness and wellbeing from our heartbeat to our sleep patterns. As a result of this technology, we can take more control over our own health management. As a result, the concept of health information is evolving.

To explore this, ADAPT & Smart D8 invite the public to join a conversation on: ‘What is my health information?’

The topic will be introduced by Orla Gogarty, Director of Digital Health, Transformation and Partnerships at St Patricks Mental Health Services (SPMHS). Orla’s talk will explore:

  • What does Health Information look like in the 21st Century and why is it important to us as citizens?
  • How can digital technologies empower us to manage our health and reorient our health services to be more inclusive, people-centred and efficient?

During the event, you will be asked to consider questions like:

Have you ever considered which information in your health record belongs to you?

Should data collected on smart devices such as phone apps and wearable technologies, be part of my health information?

The Think-In takes place online on 7 July 2021 from 4.00 – 5.45pm

Event outline:

  • Short presentation to introduce the topic
  • Small-group discussion of scenarios, focusing on which information in your health record belongs to you and how the information is created and accessed
  • Each group reports back with thoughts
  • Whole group reflection and deliberation

What will I do during the Think-In?During the Think-In, you will be invited to join Zoom breakout groups. You don’t need to have any expertise the area – we will provide all the information you need and we are interested in hearing opinions from everyone.

Speaker Bio:

Orla Gogarty is Director of Digital Health, Transformation, and Partnerships at St Patricks Mental Health Services (SPMHS) with executive responsibility for data protection. Orla has over 35 years experience in healthcare as a senior executive, programme manager, academic, and clinician in the UK, Canada, and Ireland and across the public and private sectors. She has successfully delivered numerous complex strategic transformational programmes in Healthcare including leading the digital transformation programme at SPMHS over a five-year period. This included the implementation of Ireland’s first electronic health record (EHR) in 2017, an integrated Patient Billing System in 2019, the introduction of proven video technology at scale in March 2020 to support SPMHS’s seamless transition to virtual mental health service model necessitated by Covid and finally the rapid deployment of Ireland’s first integrated Patient Portal in June 2020 to provide services users with access to their mental health information. SPMHS’s uses a collaborative approach to the design of its digital health solutions working with cross functional teams and joint service user and clinical advisories to ensure the highest security, privacy and transparency standards for service users’ information.

ADAPT’s Citizens’ Think-Ins are public forums that bring people together to discuss some of the ethical issues we face in the digital age. Members of the public have an opportunity to interact with researchers at the cutting-edge of AI research and development. The Citizens’ Think-In project has been funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

About Smart D8

Smart D8 is an initiative to improve the health and wellbeing of citizens through collaboration and innovation:

About St Patrick’s Mental Health Services

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS) has a vision for a society where all citizens are empowered and given the opportunity to live mentally healthy lives. St Patrick’s works to provide the highest quality mental healthcare, to promote mental wellbeing and mental health awareness, and to advocate for the rights of those experiencing mental health difficulties:

To familiarise yourself with the ADAPT Citizens’ Think-In project, please watch this short introductory video